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Broadcast on French TV Sunday, August 16, 2009


Customer : ECOSUN (Milk dairy TRIBALLAT)

  • Need: Treat the entire amount of sludge generated by production unit
  • Solution: Treat and valorise soya sludge from wastewater treatment plant
  • VALID process: Co-composting of 1300 tons of sludge and 1300 tons of green waste
  • Aim: To obtain a normalised under NFU 44095 (French Norms)

Made in 2005 by Ocene VALID, this modern and production station is managed and rum by ECOSUN company that produce and sells compost in bulk or in bags.

ECOSUN, proposes its services for compost expending in specified fields such as: soccer peach, golf field, parks, gardens ...

More information ECOSUN product and service please contact Mr. Emmanuel RENAULT at +33 (0) 687 72 71 04.

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