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Make a resource out of waste materials

Like any agricultural input (fertilizer or enrichment), compost that results from the VAL'ID composting stations becomes a finished product that complies with the current NFU requirements.

The compost obtained in this way is no longer subject to the legal restrictions in relation to spreading.

The product might be used or sold.

This standardized and sanitized compost might be exported outside of the SEZ towards agricultural, horticultural, viticultural and garden waste upgrading, or spread for oneself.


Manure Spreading

The standardized compost might be delivered and spread onto cultivated or grass plots.

With a more grainy aspect, it can be spread in a more homogeneous and regular manner than the raw waste.


Sack-packed compost

The compost might be used for household purposes; it can be sold to private individuals or specialized outlets.

VAL'ID and its partners provide you sales support managing the return, transformation and distribution of the compost.

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