VAL'ID: Organic waste recovery solution

Transform your agricultural, industrial and municipal waste into a standardized, valorized and valuable product

VAL'ID in a nutshell

20 years of expertise serving business, industry and local authorities

VAL’ID is a company specializing in the recovery of organic waste. Thanks to its innovative solution, it enables you to ecologically transform waste, whether of animal or vegetable origin, into quality compost.

The VAL’ID composting process stands out for its natural approach based on controlled aerobic fermentation. It treats a variety of wastes, from agricultural manures and slaughterhouse waste to WWTP sludge and household refuse. The resulting compost is not only standardized and hygienized, but also meets different standards depending on the incoming waste.

Compost can thus be classified as an organic soil improver, organic fertilizer or growing medium. VAL’ID places particular emphasis on economy, by simplifying labor costs, safety with products that comply with NFU standards, and ecology with 100% natural processing.

Stations in France and abroad
Years of experience
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Waste composting

VAL'ID assists farmers in the management and recovery of their farm waste.

VAL'ID joins forces with industrialists to move towards more value-added treatment of the waste associated with their activities

We offer local authorities solutions, tailor-made stations and management tools for composting collective waste.

VAL'ID solution

Turn your waste into resources​

Waste maturation

The maturing phase stabilizes and moistens the product, homogenizing its appearance and ensuring a standardized finished product at the end of the 4-week maturing period.

Valorisation des déchets en compost

Waste recovery

Thanks to our recycling process, your waste is transformed into standardized, hygienic compost for use in agriculture, horticulture, viticulture and market gardening.

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What is composting?

Composting is a natural process for transforming organic waste
of animal or vegetable origin. It is the result of the activity
of micro-organisms, which may or may not be enhanced by the presence of water and oxygen.

Why compost?