Electrical cabinets and wireless probes

VAL'ID composting process control and optimization equipment

Advanced Monitoring for Optimal and Sustainable Composting

Composting technology enhanced with the installation of an electrical cabinet and wireless probes in the VAL’ID system. These components form the core of the monitoring and control system, ensuring maximum efficiency in the composting process. The electrical cabinets centralize the controls and power supply, guaranteeing smooth and continuous operation. In parallel, wireless probes provide real-time data on key parameters such as temperature, humidity, and oxygen levels, allowing for precise and timely adjustments to optimize the composting process. This integrated system of automation and monitoring enhances the quality and consistency of the produced compost.

Our Fermentation Control Equipment

An electrical cabinet: The operation of the entire system is ensured by an electrical cabinet connected to your power network. Wireless probes: The number of probes depends on the number of bins operating simultaneously.

Our tailor-made VAL'ID solution

We offer a tailor-made composting solution that includes fans, aeration ducts, and other necessary equipment.

Our proprietary software VALID-SOFT ensures complete monitoring of each stage of the process, thus guaranteeing traceability upstream and downstream.

Our after-sales service

At VAL’ID, we believe that our work doesn’t stop after installation. That’s why we offer constant support to make your operation autonomous.

We also have a responsive after-sales service that operates both in France and abroad to ensure maintenance and troubleshooting.

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Discover the diversity of compostable waste: agricultural, industrial and municipal, and how to turn it into a valuable resource.

Explore VAL’ID’s innovative technology for fast, efficient composting without turning, guaranteeing a top-quality product.

Understand the importance of maturation in composting, a key stage in obtaining rich, fertile compost that is beneficial to agriculture.

Learn how composting transforms waste into a natural fertilizer, contributing to sustainable agriculture and environmental protection.

VAL’ID Equipment for Managing and Optimizing Waste Valorization

Reliability and Durability of Electrical Installations

The electrical cabinets in a VAL’ID composting system are designed to offer exceptional reliability and durability. They are the backbone of the entire installation, providing the power needed for the operation of various system components. Created by experts, these cabinets are built to withstand the demanding environments typical of composting facilities, with specific considerations for protection against moisture, corrosion, and temperature fluctuations. Their robust design ensures longevity and consistent performance, thereby minimizing the need for maintenance and the risks of breakdowns.

Optimal Management by Wireless Probes

Managing composting with wireless probes revolutionizes the monitoring and control of the composting process. These modern sensors collect vital data such as temperature, humidity, and oxygen levels directly from the composting bins. This information is wirelessly transmitted to the electrical cabinet and VALID-SOFT management software, allowing for real-time tracking and precise adjustments. This advanced technology enables fine regulation of the composting process, ensuring optimal decomposition of organic materials.

Impact of Technology on Compost Quality

The use of wireless probes for compost monitoring directly contributes to improving the quality of the produced compost. By adjusting composting parameters based on actual and real-time data, it ensures that the compost reaches ideal maturity with an optimal balance of nutrients. This not only produces better quality compost but also does so more efficiently and environmentally friendly. Precision in process control reduces the risks of human error and increases the overall efficiency of compost production.

Safety and Regulatory Compliance

The expertly designed electrical cabinets also ensure compliance with safety standards and electrical regulations. They incorporate protection devices and monitoring systems to prevent overloads, short circuits, and other electrical anomalies. This level of safety is crucial not only for the protection of equipment but also for the safety of personnel working on site.