Waste recovery

Transforming waste into a valuable resource

Turning Waste into a Resource

Just like any agricultural inputs (fertilizers or soil amendments), the compost from VAL’ID composting platforms becomes a finished product that meets the current NFU STANDARDS. Thanks to this transformation, the standardized compost no longer faces regulatory constraints related to spreading. The product can be used or sold freely. This standardized and sanitized compost can be exported outside of SEZs (Special Economic Zones) for agricultural, horticultural, viticultural and market gardening uses, or for spreading on one’s own land.

Fertilizer for Spreading

The standardized compost can be transported and spread over cultivated fields or grasslands. With a more granular appearance, it will spread more evenly and consistently than the original waste material.

Fertilizer for Bulk Sale or Packaged Sale

The compost can serve residential purposes by marketing it to individuals or specialty stores. VAL’ID provides support for the sale of compost with partner operators who handle the acquisition, processing and marketing of the compost.

Our tailor-made VAL'ID solution

We offer a tailor-made composting solution that includes fans, aeration ducts, and other necessary equipment.

Our proprietary software VALID-SOFT ensures complete monitoring of each stage of the process, thus guaranteeing traceability upstream and downstream.

Our after-sales service

At VAL’ID, we believe that our work doesn’t stop after installation. That’s why we offer constant support to make your operation autonomous.

We also have a responsive after-sales service that operates both in France and abroad to ensure maintenance and troubleshooting.

All VAL'ID services

Discover the diversity of compostable waste: agricultural, industrial and municipal, and how to turn it into a valuable resource.

Explore VAL’ID’s innovative technology for fast, efficient composting without turning, guaranteeing a top-quality product.

Understand the importance of maturation in composting, a key stage in obtaining rich, fertile compost that is beneficial to agriculture.

Learn how composting transforms waste into a natural fertilizer, contributing to sustainable agriculture and environmental protection.