VALI-SOFT software

A specialized management tool

Control and Traceability Tool

The VALI-SOFT software ensures complete traceability and optimal management of the composting station. Regardless of the composting technique used, the software provides you with:
  • The control of all treatment systems (ventilation, etc.)
  • The recording of composting data
  • The upstream and downstream traceability of the treatment process

Our tailor-made VAL'ID solution

We offer a tailor-made composting solution that includes fans, aeration ducts, and other necessary equipment.

Our proprietary software VALID-SOFT ensures complete monitoring of each stage of the process, thus guaranteeing traceability upstream and downstream.

Our after-sales service

At VAL’ID, we believe that our work doesn’t stop after installation. That’s why we offer constant support to make your operation autonomous.

We also have a responsive after-sales service that operates both in France and abroad to ensure maintenance and troubleshooting.

All VAL'ID services

All VAL'ID services

A wide range of skills to meet the most specific requirements.

Our technicians are at your service to install and start up your composting unit.

Throughout the life of your stations, our teams intervene in France and abroad to ensure their smooth operation.

VALI-SOFT software

Designed and dedicated specifically to composting, the software enables you to track and trace your composting unit.