Our services

To guarantee you the highest level of commitment, quality and safety, by offering you services from design to completion.

Support throughout your projects

A wide range of skills to meet the most specific requirements.

Our technicians are at your service to install and start up your composting unit.

Throughout the life of your stations, our teams intervene in France and abroad to ensure their smooth operation.

Designed and dedicated specifically to composting, the software enables you to track and trace your composting unit.

Innovative solutions for quality service

Customer Service and Installation

Our customer service is the cornerstone of your satisfaction, always attentive to answer your questions and provide you with the necessary advice, whether for commercial or technical information. You can contact us at 02 99 98 55 04 for any request. As an extension of our commitment to customers, the installation and commissioning of your VAL’ID system are carried out by our experts, whether it involves covered platforms, on-site construction or prefabricated solutions. Our specialized technicians ensure a complete service and perform rigorous checks for an optimal start-up.

Support and After-Sales Service

We believe in a sustainable and evolving partnership with our clients. This is reflected in a comprehensive offering that includes training for operators to gain an in-depth understanding of the process and specialized technical assistance for the operating systems of stations. Furthermore, our after-sales service guarantees the maintenance and troubleshooting of your composting stations, with teams ready to intervene both in France and internationally,,,,,funtis..futtelfunctin>.

Our tailor-made VAL'ID solution

We offer a tailor-made composting solution that includes fans, aeration ducts, and other necessary equipment.

Our proprietary software VALID-SOFT ensures complete monitoring of each stage of the process, thus guaranteeing traceability upstream and downstream.

Our after-sales service

At VAL’ID, we believe that our work doesn’t stop after installation. That’s why we offer constant support to make your operation autonomous.

We also have a responsive after-sales service that operates both in France and abroad to ensure maintenance and troubleshooting.

Turn your waste into resources

Waste maturation

This maturing phase stabilizes and moistens the product, homogenizing its appearance and ensuring a standardized finished product at the end of the 4-week maturing period.

Valorisation des déchets en compost

Valorisation des déchets

Thanks to our recycling process, your waste is transformed into standardized, hygienic compost for use in agriculture, horticulture, viticulture and market gardening.