Controlling and reporting on the composting process

VALI'SOFT specialized software to maximize the performance of your composting facility

The Control System

The control of the VAL’ID system is carried out by a programmable logic controller (PLC).
This consists of an indicator box located in a sheltered area away from the composting site, and a remote box placed near the site.

All information can be consulted from the indicator box or a computer (through the VALID-COMPO software).

The processing of information is done by the digital power and communication BUS CAN cable. It allows for the continuous measurement of the compost temperature and regulates the aeration and ventilation system based on the temperature.

VALI’SOFT Pilot includes

Temperature Recording

  • Measuring the temperature once per minute
  • Averaging the measurements
  • Storing by each probe 3 temperature measurements per day with average
  • Paper traceability

Aeration Regulation
The regulation is linked to the temperature measurement by the probes and allows you to control your installation:

  • Controlling the operation of the blower
  • Commanding the operation of the blower in relation to temperature

Setting Composting Parameters
The indicator box or software allows you to adjust your equipment settings:

  • Ventilation time of the blower
  • Ventilation cycle
  • High and low temperature settings

Our tailor-made VAL'ID solution

We offer a tailor-made composting solution that includes fans, aeration ducts, and other necessary equipment.

Our proprietary software VALID-SOFT ensures complete monitoring of each stage of the process, thus guaranteeing traceability upstream and downstream.

Our after-sales service

At VAL’ID, we believe that our work doesn’t stop after installation. That’s why we offer constant support to make your operation autonomous.

We also have a responsive after-sales service that operates both in France and abroad to ensure maintenance and troubleshooting.

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